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Workshop Program

1Colour Psycho Dynamics – A blueprint for transformational living
  • Date and Time : 14:00-16:00 on October 15(Sun), 2017
  • Location : #401
  • Organizer and Speakers : Mr. Mark Wentworth
  • Location : #401
  • Abstract

    Within every person there exists a pre-existent self that is already whole, fulfilled, powerful and successful. Learning how to translate and understand this original colour blueprint gives you the opportunity to live the life you were born to live, and follow the vocation that only you can do. The role then of Colour Psycho Dynamics, using the creative power of colour and expressive arts, is to enable you to experience and align more fully with this original blueprint and already empowered self.
    This workshop will be an experiential journey into the archetypal and visionary worlds of colour. Colour used as life-map metaphor and a hidden language of the subconscious, is a powerful way of bringing mind, body, and spirit back into its true state wholeness and wellbeing. We then have no other choice But to live fully and live with purpose, allowing the colours from within to transform us in a process of sacred alchemy, knowing that we are, in our own unique way, contributing to the evolution of humankind. Colour experienced in this way asks no more and no less of who we were born to be.

2Korea-China Color Design Workshop
  • Date and Time : 13:00-15:00 on October 17 (Tue), 2017
  • Location : Halla A, 3F
  • Organizer and Chair : Gyoungsil Choi (professor, South Korea)
  • Location : #401
  • Speakers

    - Song Jianming (Professor, China Academy of Art, China)
    - Li Wei (Professor, Tsinghua University, China)
    - Zhou Xin (Editor, Researcher / DIC Color & Design. In)
    - Won-jung Choi (Researcher, Ewha Womans University Color Design Research Institute, Korea)
    - Jin Hee Lim (Lead Designer, LF DAKS LADIES Color Division, Korea)
    - Soo Jin Jang (Manager Color & Trim, Kia Design Center, Korea)

  • Abstract

    This workshop provides color planning process for experts of Korea and China. This workshop is expected to present the structure of Korea fashion industry along with the process of color planning for women's fashion brands and general color information planning in Korean cosmetic industry.


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